This page is currently being built.  We are adding answers to problems as we run into them. If the problem you are experiencing is not already listed below, please use the box below to ask us about it.  This also allows us to find possible problem spots as well as add the problem to this troubleshooting page.  Thank you.
1.    The links in the top navigation bar and some of the text are messed up?

2.    While using the site I noticed some of the boxes (i.e. the Call Me Boxes) were blank and had no information within them, is this right?
The error is not with the website but with your computer settings.  Your screen resolution is set too low.  In order to fix the issue you need to follow the steps below and increase your screen resolution until the problem is fixed.
Start Menu > Control Panel > Display > Settings

The error is due to your internet browser.  Try using Internet Explorer to see if the issue has been resolved.