Welcome, New cadets!!

To find the Online Cadet Membership Application please go to: https://www.capnhq.gov/CAP.MembershipSystem.Web/CadetOnlineApp.aspx 

Congratulations, you are now a part of the Civil Air Patrol.  This page is here to help you get your uniforms ready and in order.  The entire uniform manual is available be clicking http://www.capmembers.com/media/cms/u_082203102943.pdf  This is a rather lengthy manual, so (130 pages), consult it as necessary.


Dress Blues: The Dress Blues uniform (figure 1 below) is worn on special occasions or during Color Guard.  The first set of Blues is given to the cadet free, complimentary of the U.S. Air Force.  Once the cadet has outgrown or rendered their Blues uniform unusable, a new uniform must be purchased or given to the cadet by his squadron.  To request a new Blues uniform please speak with your commanding officer.

    Steps to receiving your first set of blues:

        1):  Click on the link https://www.capnhq.gov/CAP.eServices.Web/Default.aspx to enter CAP E-services.  If you are already a member on E-services then please skip to step 2.

                 A)  First time or E-services?  Don't worry about it.  Here is what you need to do.  First, click on the link that says First Time Users Click Here under the Need Help logging on?  section (once you have clicked the link above in step 1).

                 B)  Enter the information required.  They will want your last name, the last for digits of your SSN (it is a safe website and information will not be sold or redistributed), your date of birth, and an e-mail address.  If you do not have an e-mail address then email davis.fischer@prescottsquadron206.org  I will give you a squadron e-mail address.

                 C) Click Submit to send your information to CAP national headquarters, you will receive an e-mail confirming your subscription.  Please enter any other information required, you should get your e-mail with your password, which you can use to sign in.  E-services will most likely require a password change.

        2):  Once you have signed in, please look over at the sidebar (on the left).  Under My Favorites select Cadet Uniform.  Fill in the field required and submit the information, a Male and Female size chart is located on the sidebar to the left. There are also additional instructions and a cadet uniform overview located on the sidebar.  The uniform can take as much as 6-8 months to arrive.


    Wearing the Dress Blues:  The Dress Blues should always be clean and pressed.  Everything about this uniform should be tight and crisp.  Use light starch, since the Blues fabric is thinner then the BDU's it does not need very much starch to stay crisp.  ALWAYS use a cover cloth when ironing Blues; Blues burn very easily.  Do not bleach the Blue's uniform when washing it.  Standard blues do not have to be dry cleaned, however, if you bought your blues at surplus check the tags to make sure.  When wearing the blues wear a WHITE V-NECK t-shirt underneath.  Round neck undershirts are unacceptable.  A tie will always be worn with the long-sleeve uniform shirt (check CAPM 39-1 for exceptions).  If a tie is not worn then the top button of the Blues shirt will be undone.  Do not iron the collar of the blues flat when wearing it without the tie.  Socks will be black, not white or blue.  Shoes will be shined; Corframs should be cleaned with Windex without ammonia.  White cardboard backing will be worn behind the nameplate and ribbon racks (on the inside of the blouse) to hold the back of the racks/nameplate flush with the Blue's shirt.  No weapons or watches are allowed in the Blue's uniform.  No jewelry will be worn in uniform (see CAPM 39-1 for exceptions).  For additional Blue's wearing instructions consult CAPM 39-1 (viewable at the bottom of the page).


        Blues FAQ:


            Q:  What does the Blues uniform come with?

            A:  The Air Force will send Blues pants, a light blue short sleeve T-shirt, a Blues belt, the cadet’s nameplate, and the cadets Blues cover (hat).  However, this is NOT the complete uniform.  The cadet will need to order ribbons and ribbon racks, shoes, a CAP emblem for the cover, a tie (tie regulations differ between male and female, please refer to CAPM 39-1 (the uniform manual) for instructions) and shirt garters.  The garters and tie are optional, please consult your commanding officer for details.  All of these items can be order via the Hock Shop or Vanguard (links at the bottom of page) or you can request them from your squadron.  Please consult CAPM 39-1 before ordering ANYTHING (especially shoes) because the regulations on what is allowed and what isn't are very strict.


            Q:  I ordered my Blues but they haven't come in yet, and it has been 10 months, what do I do?

            A:  Visit the CAP national webmaster (on e-services) and confirm that they have been ordered; you may have to e-mail the webmaster.  If not, you may have to input the sizes again and resend the order.  If they still don't come in, request a pair of Blues from your squadron or order them online.


            Q:  My Blues have arrived, but they are six and a half sizes to big (or to small).  What happened?

            A:  This is a common mistake, and it isn't your fault.  CAP national headquarters get thousands of requests for Blues, and the sizes tend to get....scrambled.  Request a new uniform from your squadron or order a new pair online.  If the uniform is never going to be useful to you (because of size issues) then consider donating it to your squadron.


            Q:  My Blues fit fine, except for the pants, they weren't hemmed (sewn up) at the bottom and they are too long, plus they are beginning to fray.

            A:  This is also common.  Take the blues to a tailor or someone who can sew up the bottom to fit you.  Consider buying hemming cloth, which should be available at your local craft/sewing store.  It is available in a roll like tape, and you can use it with Lyquid Stitch to hem your own uniform.


            Q:  The picture down there (figure 1) shows a cadet in blues wearing a watch and long sleeve blues, but you said no watches and short sleeve blues.

            A:  As for the long sleeve blues, they are just a different style that some squadrons (especially the ones in colder climates) require.  206 has no such requirements, and the standard for blues is short sleeve anyway.  The watch is allowed on long-sleeve blues because it can easily be hidden under the sleeve of the uniform.


            Q:  What are shirt garters?

            A:  Shirt garters are, quite simply, long strands of elastic with clips at each end (or clips at one end and loops at the other).  They either clip to the top of your sock or wrap around your foot and then stretch up to the bottom of your blouse and hold it tight, so that you do not have to constantly be tucking it in.


            For additional questions e-mail davis.fischer@prescottsquadron206.org


 BDU's:  The BDU's (Battle Dress Uniform) are worn at meetings, work details, search and rescue, and occasional parades (Figure 2 below).  They must be ordered or supplied to you by the squadron.  Most squadrons keep a supply of BDU's in hand for new cadets each to receive a full uniform free.  However, this is not always the case.  If BDU's must be order visit Vanguard Industries’ website, links are available at the bottom of the page.  The BDU uniform consists of the following:  One camouflage matching set of pants, blouse, and hat, one black t-shirt, one open-face black buckle military belt, one pair black jungle boots (steel toe not required but recommended), one pair black socks (not blue or white), and one pair of blousing bands (optional).


    Wearing the Battle Dress Uniform:  The BDU uniform will be ironed and crisply starched (use heavy starch).  Hat will also be starched.  ALWAYS use a cover cloth to avoid burning the starch into the uniform.  The top button of the BDU blouse will be open and the collar ironed flat.  BDU jackets will not be tucked in.  The toe and heal of the boots will be shined.  The BDU pants will be tucked into the boots and bloused (see Figure 2).  Blousing bands or substitutes are encouraged.  Watches are allowed in the BDU uniform.  Watches should be slid under the edge of the BDU sleeve.  If sleeves are rolled up they must be in accordance with CAPM 39-1.  For additional instructions read CAPM 39-1 (available at the bottom of page).


        BDUs FAQ:

            Q:  How much does a complete set of BDU's cost?

            A:  Well, most of the time we can at least get you the pants, blouse, and cover free from your squadron. 


            Q:  How do I iron/starch my uniform/shine my boots?

            A:  That is a rather lengthy answer, and it would be better if you could see first hand.  Talk to your senior officer or flight sergeant to learn how to iron/shine.


            Q:  The picture down there (Figure 2) shows a cadet wearing a brown undershirt, but you said black.  Are the colors interchangeable?

            A:  Yes and no.  Some squadrons allow brown undershirts and CAPM 39-1 says that brown undershirts are perfectly fine.  However, they are just as easy to find as black undershirts and for the sake or uniformity most squadrons (including Prescott composite 206) require black t-shirts underneath.


            Q:  What are blousing bands?

            A:  Surprisingly, they have little to do with your blouse.  Instead, blousing bands are worn down by your ankles to blouse the bottom of your pants (make it stick out, look at the bottom of the cadets pants in figure 1).  Once again this is easier to explain first hand, so talk to your flight sergeant about it.


                For additional questions, please e-mail me at angel.vandegrift@prescottsquadron206.org